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Virtual Event planning

The most exciting thing about a virtual event is that it can be virtually ANYTHING!  Apartment Nine uses top of the line virtual event planning software to execute digital experiences from beginning to end.  We will make the best choices for your specific event and desired outcomes. So while you do your thing, Apartment Nine will be right by your side providing an excellent, engaging experience.  Whether you are launching a product, teaching a skill, or hosting a conference,  whatever the idea, Apartment Nine can bring it to life. 


Don't know what exactly you have in mind?  Check out some inspiration here, then let's have a chat and discuss how to get started.


virtual event consulting

Looking for some guidance as you plan your virtual event?   You can be assured that with Apartment Nine, you will receive the most current and relevant information and assistance regarding your virtual event.  We will go over virtual event best practices and strategize how to optimize your event and reach your KPI goals.



When you choose Apartment Nine to assist your digital communication strategy, we will handle the entire process.  This includes one of the most important parts; the content!  We will collaborate on your brand's approach and create customized graphics, copy, and any additional assets you might need to create the best experience - did someone say swag bag?



We understand the entire reason behind hiring a digital media specialist is to produce results.  For that reason, we provide analytics to gain insight into your content's performance and audience engagement to  prove that the magic is working!



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Apartment Nine is a virtual experience design firm that produces and consults on digital events from ideation to execution.

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