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During the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses everywhere close their doors for good. These losses made clear  that small businesses play a significant social, economic, and especially cultural impact on individuals and communities at large.  Although small businesses are the lifeblood of local culture, running one is no simple task.  Small business owners have plenty to worry about on a daily basis so keeping up with digital appearances usually takes a back seat - an area that, these days, is critical for success. 


Apartment Nine’s mission is to create authentic branding, content, and experiences that inspire connection and promote growth.  We want to help elevate small businesses in our local community and beyond.  We understand that the process of branding and content creation can be overwhelming.  Our goal is to get rid of the smoke and mirrors and  provide your small business with our expertise so it can look and feel good without sacrificing originality.


We envision a world where small businesses are represented digitally and in the communities they service in a way that makes them feel big.


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